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I'm Back

I'm back from New York, my whole trip really rocked. First off I would like to thank Nina for being my tour guide (your descriptions of the monuments really put it all into a different prospective) and I would like to thank Lauren for meeting up with us, though it was only for a little while, you were both really really cool.

I also bought a few new items of clothing including 1 pair of pants, 2 shirts and a jacket. So now I'm ready for school when I move off in 25 days (I'm so excited to move out).

Bat Cave Rocked really good music in all the rooms it is 10X better than anything here.

I was also talking to some of the convergence organizers and they said that Montreal is one of the big candidates to hold convergence next year, so I'm hoping they get it so I can go to the next one.

While I was gone my mom had my cousin watch over my dog and the house and when we got home the pool was completely green, it's so disgusting, we might need to drain it.

I have a few pictures that I will post here.

Me and Stefan Groth from Apoptygma Berzerk

Lauren, Nina and me

Jaysin, Nina and me again.

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